Pontittu Ruju

Pontittu Ruju

"An abandoned port, with powerful wooden mooring posts, now corroded by water and wind, that emerged from the sea and the rocks. Like two arms, they stretched out towards the horizon, a few metres apart, into the open sea.”

If you want to take a walk at sunset, to enjoy the panoramic views of Budoni’s coast, one of the itineraries and destinations you are sure to appreciate is the little submersed port of Pontittu Ruju, in the Baia Sant’Anna area.

Starting at Pineta di Sant’Anna, the pinewoods in the village of Tananunella, follow the pathway southwards, keeping the pinewood on your right and the rocky coast on your left. Continue until the bay of Porto Ainu opens out before you - it is recognisable from the banks of Posidonea oceanica, the initial part of which is beached. This natural phenomenon is essential to preserve the coastal ecosystem. The layer of dead leaves from the Posidonia oceanica protects the shore from corrosion caused by the waves, the elements, and more besides. Continue along the part of the beach behind the dunes until you come to the pond at Porto Ainu, where, among the canes and rushes, you can admire coots, black-winged stilts, little egrets and if you are lucky, a heron or some flamingos.

Light trekking

Duration: 2 hours

7 km round trip

Suited to all

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