Baia Sant'Anna

Baia Sant'Anna

A place where you can find yourself. A long stretch of sea, framed by red rocks, abandoned jetties and myrtle bushes in bloom.

Baia Sant’Anna has a bed of stones and cliffs that make it popular with fishermen but also with divers, who enjoy the beauty of its waters. It is opposite the little island of Pedrami, which is home to various bird species. This means the bay is not so suitable for smaller children, but it can be relaxing for people looking for sunbathing spots, as well as for those who like to windsurf. Not to be confused with the nearby Sant’Anna beach, the last strip of the Baia di Budoni. Not to be missed is the abandoned quay, “Pontittu Ruju”, which helps to create the unique atmosphere of this location.

How to get here

From the centre of Budoni, continue southwards along the SS125 road, towards Posada. Pass the village of Tanaunella and continue for another kilometre. Follow the signs to the beach.


Free parking

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