Stazzo and Farming Museum

Stazzo and Farming Museum

The little Stazzo and Farming Museum is located in Piazza Einaudi in Budoni. Here you can admire the farming tools used by the  people who lived in the “stazzi”, typical rural homes in Gallura, of which it is possible to see a few examples, in the villages around Budoni.                                                                                                                                                   

The Stazzo and Farming Museum consists of three rooms: Photo room: “The Way We Were”, illustrating moments from everyday life, and farming professions which are no longer in use in Budoni and the surrounding villages. Room 1: tool shed.  Room 2: house.

The museum, in collaboration with the local tourist office, often organizes, in the little square outside, especially during summertime, painting and photography exhibitions, book presentations and cultural events.

The museum, which is run by the local tourist office and coordinated by the archaeologist, Dr. Francesca Ponsanu, at the moment is closed.


Piazza Einaudi

Tel. +39 0784 843061


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