Budoni ponds

Budoni ponds

Between land and sea

Budoni extends over a level area, surrounded by green hills, and crossed by several rivers, the largest of which is Rio Salamaghe, which flows straight into the sea. The particular nature of the area comes from its five coastal ponds:  Li Cucutti, Li Salineddi, Sant'Anna and Porto Ainu. Thanks to the perfect mix of fresh water from the rivers and salt water from the sea, these ponds have an exceedingly high level of biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna, which have also been included by UNESCO in its MaB (Man and the Biosphere) project.

The majestic Western Swamphen

There are lots of animals living around our ponds and we would like to introduce one of the more particular species, the western swamphen. It is a rare bird that belongs to a protected species, since the population is between 400 and 600 pairs, and it is only non-migratory in Sardinia. As well as its extraordinary colour, it is one of the few bird species able to bring food to its beak using its feet.

To find out more about our flora and fauna, download the pdf with details. 

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