Cycling through the villages of Budoni

Cycling through the villages of Budoni

You need a mountain bike or even a road bike (according to your preference), but don’t miss out on this route!

Starting clockwise from Budoni: 

Continue south along Via Nazionale to the junction with Via Gramsci and turn right.  You are now heading towards the villages of Budoni in the area of Baronia.

Cross through the villages of Solità and San Lorenzo (if you prefer, you can pass along the panoramic road, turning left into Via Saba, straight after the uphill section).

Continue along the SP24 bis to Tamarispa, look up and enjoy the vision of the countryside and the vineyards.

After a small climb, with a minimum slope, you can begin your panoramic descent towards Brunella, a district of the municipality of Torpé. As soon as you enter here, there is a fountain at the crossroads to your left. Make the most of the opportunity to quench your thirst. 

Continue your journey, taking the road marked Budoni at the crossroads. After a few turns, you are back in Gallura!

Pass through the villages of San Pietro and Lu Linnalvu and here you are in north Budoni.

You can finish your trip here, or you can continue to Malamurì, following the SS125 northwards in the direction of Olbia! Then follow the SP1 towards Agrustos and complete your trip by returning along the Ottiolu-Budoni road, cycling along the track alongside the tourist complexes. 

Medium difficulty ride

Suitable for beginners/experts

Distance: approx. 25 kms

Duration: Approx. 3 hours

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