Budoni by Mountain Bike

Budoni by Mountain Bike

In Budoni you can travel 15 kms along the eastern coast, on your mountain bike!


Start in Via Nazionale, then enter in Via Emilio Lussu and continue towards the pinewood at Salamaghe beach.

The route starts at the pinewood, skirting Stagno Morto towards the north in the direction of Agrustos.

Once in the area of Fido Beach, turn onto the dirt track that will take you to the exit, on the Budoni-Ottiolu road. From here, head north along the cycle track, skirting the tourist village area. 

Once past the “I Corbezzoli” village, turn right and continue all along Via delle Magnolie to the beach at Ottiolu.

In the village of Ottiolu, cross the port, passing along Via delle Camelie and continue towards the northern part of the port (Management Port Area).

Once at the car park for the small beach north of the jetty, continue along the trail along the section of rocky coastline to the area known as Cala dei Francesi.


Turn around and return via the Ottiolu-Budoni road, only this time, instead of taking the cycle path, once outside Ottiolu, follow the dirt track on your left, which is marked “Hotel Sporting”. This will take you to the precious bay to the north of Punta Li Cucutti and the splendid pinewood.

Skirt the rocks along the cycle path, which is easy to see. Stop a while to enjoy the views and for a few photos!

Once at Agrustos beach, continue alongside the Li Cucutti pond and proceed along the pinewood. The route alternates sandy and dirt trails, but with a little effort you will be able to get back to the starting point, Salamaghe beach.

Light cycle ride

Suited to all

15 kms round trip

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