The hidden port

The hidden port

Small coves to the north of Porto Ottiolu, whose names evoke their history as ancient landing points. A truly interesting setting for those wanting to get to know the richness of the Mediterranean scrub that borders these small coves and which, especially in spring, bring the colours and intense, unmistakable perfumes of helichrysum , myrtle, and other typical essences of the Sardinian coast.

Poltu Cuatu (hidden port) is a small bay overlooking a section of the sea that is particularly suited to diving and sheltered from the strong winds. It is like Punta Li Tulchi (or Guardia Li Tulchi), which in the past was a good landing point for Barbary pirates, as suggested by the name itself. Cala dei Francesi, on the other hand, owes its name to a small colony of French tourists (Francesi) who spent their time here in the 1970s, and who returned regularly to enjoy the unique, reserved setting, in the spirit of tourism in close contact with nature.

How to get here

Cala dei Francesi can be reached from the little beach at the north end of the dock in Porto Ottiolu, following a small dirt track. Past Cala dei Francesi, over the hill, are Poltu Cuatu and Punta Li Tulchi, along a narrow path that will bring you into close contact with the Mediterranean scrubland of Sardinia.

Light trekking

Duration: 30 minutes

3 km round trip

Suited to all

Cala dei Francesi: Click here to get there with Google Maps

Poltu Cuatu: Click here to get there with Google Maps

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