Cala dei Francesi and Poltu Cuatu

Cala dei Francesi
Poltu Cuatu
Cala dei Francesi

Cala dei Francesi and Poltu Cuatu

Small bays looking out onto a section of sea that is far from the crowds and particularly attractive from a diving viewpoint.

Cala dei Francesi owes its name to a small colony of French tourists (Francesi) who spent their time here in the 1970s, and who returned regularly to enjoy this unique, reserved setting, in the spirit of tourism in close contact with nature.

Poltu Cuatu (or Cuadu) (hidden port) is a small beach, less than a hundred metres long. The beach can be reached on foot, along a panoramic path overlooking the sea, or by boat. The perfect place for those seeking more privacy at the sea!

How to get here

Cala dei Francesi can be reached from the little beach at the north end of the dock in Porto Ottiolu, following a small dirt track. Past Cala dei Francesi, over the hill, are Poltu Cuatu and Punta Li Tulchi, along a narrow path that will bring you into close contact with the wild nature of Sardinia.


Since these places are only accessible on foot, there are no specific facilities on the beach.

Cala dei Francesi: Click here to get there with Google Maps

Poltu Cuatu: Click here to get there with Google Maps

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