Budoni's seabeds

Budoni's seabeds

Are you a diving enthusiast? Budoni’s seabeds have remarkably interesting characteristics, from the protected marine species to the rocky outcrops on the coastal islets 

Our marine area has some specific elements that make it particularly important in naturalistic terms. These include the large expanse of Posidonia oceanica seagrass beds and rocky outcrops populated by a wealth of flora and fauna, including an extraordinary abundance of Pinna nobilis, the largest mollusc in the Mediterranean Sea. What is more, 15 protected species have also been observed on our seabeds: 4 algae, 2 marine plants, 3 poriferi, 4 molluscs, 1 echinoderm, and 1 fish.

History in the sea

You can discover four underground areas of archaeological interest, which, as well as the wreck of the Monteponi and 4 coastal ponds, add to the area’s value and prestige.

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